The trade of restoring
your dreams

Somnisamida is a construction company specialising in the restoration of old buildings. We are a modern and innovative company committed to the restoration of our architectural heritage, carrying out work respecting the original architecture, while applying our great knowledge of traditional architectural techniques. We specialise in the use of period materials, lime, stone and ceramic tiles, as well as technologically efficient and ecological resources. 

We adapt old buildings to the new needs of modern times by means of the latest technological breakthroughs, home automation and energy efficiency. The Somnisamida team passionately strives to ensure that the building tells its story, while endeavouring to meet its customer's needs, not only pursuing high-quality results but also ensuring that the experience of participating in the work is an enriching and satisfying journey for all those involved in it. We spare no effort in meeting the customer's requirements, while we also enjoy the challenges posed by large projects.

  • We respect
    traditional architecture

    We work on restoring all the 
    constructive elements of the 
    building so as to provide it 
    with its original value.

  • Passion for
    a job well done

    We have a well-established team of technical 
    architects and artisan workers that combines 
    technological theory and the work of our bricklayers  
    and artisan stonemasons. 

  • We respect our
    architectural heritage

    We give the same importance to a small house 
    in a village or a rural farmhouse as 
    we do to a building of great architectural value. 
    The importance of respecting the passage of time.