About us

The Somnisamida team is a group of highly skilled professionals who bring together passion for a job well done, for our trade and for a history that needs to be preserved. We enthusiastically work to ensure that the challenges of the architect and the customer are our challenges too, and we enjoy working in close cooperation with them.

The continuous training of our staff is a basic pillar of our company, ensuring that we can offer a variety of high-quality solutions. Our policy is to invest in knowledge and methods while encouraging teamwork; at SOMNISAMIDA each person forms a cog in the wheel that makes the work we carry out progress and excel. 

do we offer?

Master builders specializing in traditional architecture and new construction technologies. We make it possible for our clients to transform old buildings while preserving their patina engraved over the years without sacrificing the comfort requirements of our times. We work with professionalism and confidence, with passion and effort, to obtain efficient and excellent results. We achieve our time and cost goals through detailed and careful work planning and organization, anticipating unforeseen events and setbacks.

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