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Who is responsible for processing the personal data?

The data controller is Somnisamida S.L. (hereinafter Somnisamida), with Tax I.D. number B65567042, domiciled at Carretera C-66, km 25, 17463, Sant Joan de Mollet, tel. 972 48 91 49, email address, Listed in the Trade Register of Barcelona, libro 42580, folio 99, hoja B410678, inscripción primera; representada en este acto por Dña. ARIADNA



For what purpose and with what legitimation do we process the data?

- Contact. We deal with the queries of those who contact us by email, via the contact forms on our website and by phone. We process such data with the consent of the person who has provided us with them.

- Services to customers. We register our customers and any additional data which may be generated as a result of the commercial relationship with them. The commercial relationship involves incorporating the data into our accounting and invoicing and in the information sent to the tax authority. We process these data in compliance with the contractual relations and our legal obligations.

- Management of our suppliers’ data. We process the data of the suppliers from whom we obtain services and goods. We obtain the data required to maintain commercial relationships and we assign them solely for this purpose. We process these data in compliance with the contractual relations and legal obligations.

- Information on products and services. Having received the customers’ authorisation, their contact details are used to send them advertising related to our services and products. We process these data upon the basis of the consent of the person who receives the correspondence.


Who are the data assigned to?

As a general criterion, we only assign data to public administrations and authorities, and always in compliance with our legal obligations. During invoicing we may assign them to banking institutions. No transfers of data take place outside the scope of the European Union (international transfers).


How long do we retain the data for?

We comply with our legal obligation to minimize the period for retaining the data. For this reason, they are retained solely for the necessary time, justifiable for the purpose for which they are obtained. In certain cases, such as data appearing in the accounting documentation and invoicing, the tax regulations oblige us to retain them until any related liabilities expire. In the case of data processed upon the basis of the consent of the interested party, they are retained until said person revokes such consent.


What rights do people have in relation to the data we process?

The people whose data we process have the following rights:

- To access them. The right to know what personal data are being processed, what the purpose of their processing is and if they are communicated to third parties, as well as the right to obtain copies of them and to know the period envisaged for retaining them.

- To request their rectification. The right to rectify any inaccurate data.

- To request their deletion. The right to request the deletion of the data when, amongst other reasons, they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected, and which justified their processing.

- To request the limitation of the processing. In certain circumstances, there exists the right to request the limitation of the processing of the data; they will cease to be processed and will only be retained for the lodging or defence of claims.

- To portability. The right to obtain the personal data in a common, machine-readable format and to assign them to another data controller if the interested party so decides.

- To oppose the processing. By attributing reasons related to their particular situation, people may ask us to refrain from processing their data if this may prove detrimental to them.


How can these rights be exercised or defended? 

The rights we have listed above may be exercised by sending a written request to our Somnisamida S.L. postal address or an email to Indicating “Personal data protection” in all cases. If a satisfactory response is not obtained to the exercising of the above rights, it is possible to submit a complaint to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, by means of the forms and other channels accessible on the website.

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