“A 15th-century manor house later converted into the village rectory which, as a result of the restoration work, has been transformed into a home impregnated with a veneer of past times which opens up to the light and greenery of a garden with a stone pool”

The 15th-century façade of the home of a distinguished family of the village of Monells has been restored. The entire existing building has been preserved, reinforcing the ceilings while preserving all the original beams. The project, designed by architect Sebastià Figuerola, has succeeded in adapting the house to modern times with the construction of a large modern living room, an underground garage with great structural complexity, providing space for up to four cars, and a garden with a pool which is fully integrated into the topography. The journey from the original blends smoothly into the building we see today."


  • EXECUTION DATE: 2015-2018
  • M² RESTORED: 601.60
  • M² OF EXTENSION: 551.42
  • ARCHITECT: Sebastià Figuerola
  • LANDSCAPER: Martí Franch
  • INTERIOR DESIGNERS: Eva Pous and Eva Fernàndez

Consultancy work before the purchase.

Soil pit tests and inspections in accordance with the architect’s indications, in order to carry out the project with great care.

We executed a project designed by an architect in accordance with our customer’s needs and wishes.

Direct and close communication with the customer by means of visits to the site and video conferences.

Monthly certificates for the work completed and updated monthly planning.

We accompany the customer when selecting the materials directly from producers and suppliers.

  • The Challenge

    Making an underground garage while supporting the whole of the old building was an exhilarating task. Taking down a collection of more than 15 different-shaped pieces of wood, beams and wedges and placing them 60 centimetres higher in an identical manner to meet the habitability requirements. Including the corresponding reinforcement, hidden from view so as not to lose the essence and authenticity.

  • Curious anecdotes

    During the digging and demolition work we found parts of an old Gothic window. The evidence has led us to identify the exact location of the window, which, by reconstructing the few parts which couldn't be retrieved, we returned to its original place. The curious thing is, that one of the parts of the window was found in one of the house walls, and we decided to leave it there.

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