Refuge in la Pera

“Part of an old village house is restored as a second home. Simplicity and authenticity are the main features of this refuge that looks out onto the Empordà countryside”

Following a thorough inspection, some damaged wooden beams are quickly replaced. The PB flooring is covered with clay adobe bricks, the existing stairs are restored with a hand-crafted banister and a bathroom with a shower has been incorporated. The house is also equipped with electrical and water supplies. Finally, an opening is made in the façade to rejuvenate the porch area, where adobe flooring is laid, like the existing one.


  • M² RESTORED: 135 m²
  • ARCHITECT: Olga Muñoz Frigola   

Soil pit tests and inspections in accordance with the architect’s indications, in order to carry out the project with great care.

Project execution

  • The Challenge

    The greatest challenge involved carrying out the work in such a way that it blended in with the original.

  • Curious anecdotes

    Under the adobe flooring, opus signinum flooring was constructed with rough cobbles with lime mortar, just as floors were made during the Roman period.

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