We restore old buildings

We restore old buildings. We regard the new works as an extension of the existing building, often essential for achieving the degree of comfort required in modern times. As a construction company we carry out the architect's project, who, in turn, has designed it in accordance with the owner’s needs and wishes. We have no limits when it comes to restoring and refurbishing any architectural element of the building, while we also enjoy achieving perfection in the constructive details, the finishes and the building envelope.  Our continuous training enables us to stay abreast of the latest technological breakthroughs and materials for home automation and energy efficiency facilities.

In addition, we specialise in dealing with foreign customers and have broad experience in visiting sites and holding video conference meetings with them. Despite them being far away, customers can view the work as often as they like.


  • Accompanying
    the customer

    Accompanying the customer during purchases of properties to enable future owners, with our knowledge, to obtain more information when selecting further acquisitions.

  • Advice
    for architects

    Advice for architects in the project phase, creating opinions and contents, and analysis of buildings by means of soil tests and trials. Often, in order to ensure a satisfactory project, prior demolition work is required to obtain greater knowledge of the layout of the materials, the structural state of the building and its potential. A relationship known as a partnership contract between the editing team and the customer.

  • Drawing up
    of budgets

    Realization of budgets from measurements of project of Architects. From the exhaustive study of each item of work both economically and temporarily to offer the best qualities and prices to our customers.

  • Realization
    of rehabs

    Execution of rehabilitation projects, interior renovations and garden extensions.

  • Advice
    in materials

    Accompanying customers when visiting material suppliers.

  • Maintenance

    Exclusive maintenance of those properties that we have acted as construction company. Painting, palette, decoration, gardening, cleaning, maintenance of swimming pools, pantry service, catering and organization of events. When the work is finished we continue customer service.

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