• Master Course in Traditional Stone Construction


    At Somnisamida, we believe in the importance of sharing knowledge and passion for traditional construction techniques. For this reason, we are pleased to announce our participation in the Master Course in Traditional Stone Construction, organized by the Gremi de la Bioconstrucció de Catalunya, along with Greta and Sumem Patrimoni, and offered through ACEB with the support of the Conforcat program tailored. This course arises from the conviction that training and knowledge are the fundamental basis for excellent construction work.

    Delve into Traditional Construction with the Master Course in Stone

    During the first day of this intensive course, participants have had the opportunity to delve into the technique of "marger", a fundamental skill in stone construction. In addition, a part of the day has been dedicated to exploring the different types and characteristics of rocks, providing a complete understanding of the material used in this ancient art.

    Under the expert guidance of our master builder, Faustí Perez, and with the collaboration of our manager, Ariadna Asturias Bernadas (Somnisamida), participants have learned the techniques for building a stone wall, as well as the proper treatment of joints to ensure their durability and solidity. They have also had the opportunity to explore the complexity and beauty of building voussoir arches, a traditional skill that requires precision and dexterity.

    Course Conclusion

    We are excited to see the enthusiasm and interest of the participants in learning and practicing the art of traditional stone construction. We firmly believe in the importance of preserving this form of architecture, which is an integral part of our cultural heritage and contributes to the unique identity of Catalonia.

    With this course, we hope to inspire and empower a new generation of architects and artisans committed to the preservation and continuity of this ancestral art.

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